Meet the Crew

Corey Brown-Director

Hi! My name is Corey Brown. I am a Lyman Briggs student at Michigan State University. I’m a senior studying Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. I love reading, painting, long walks on the beach, and hanging out with family and friends. I also love food, of pretty much any kind, and the whole experience that goes with making it and eating it. My favorite food is pizza. My ideal goal would be to work in Public Health and hopefully make our public health system something that people want to invest in.

Christine Rygiel-Digital Editor

Hola. My name is Christine Rygiel. I am a Lyman Briggs student at Michigan State University. I am studying Diagnostic Molecular Science with a specialization in Global Public Health and Epidemiology. I love snowboarding, wake surfing, hanging with friends, and exploring. My favorite animal is the Galapagos Penguin and my favorite color is purple. My career goal is to become a genetic epidemiologist/genetic counselor.

Cody Roedel-Cinematographer

My name is John Cody Roedel, I am studying Biomedical Laboratory Sciences through Lyman Briggs at Michigan State University. I’m from the village of New Lothrop and my favorite hobby is snowmobiling. My goal in life is to become a doctor and eventually specialize in radiology.

Lauren Pavlik- “Making of the Film” Cinematographer

Hello! My name is Lauren Pavlik and I am a senior attending Lyman Briggs College. My major is Human Biology and I am specializing in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society. I love traveling to warm places, water sports, and playing tennis. After graduation, I would like to do biomedical research and apply to medical school!

Rachna Pannu-Web Master/ “Making of” Director

Hi. My name is Rachna Pannu, and I’m studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Lyman Briggs college of Michigan State University. I like to read, write and explore. I have multipe sweet teeth, pretty much all of them are. Don’t worry, I eat enough sugar to maintain them. I hope to work in biomedical research for the development of pharmaceuticals one day.



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